Tahoe Tote

This very cute Tahoe Tote, modeled by the even cuter Samantha, actually belongs to her mom Jackie. While the quilted design is certainly attractive, I think the nicest thing about this tote is hidden–literally. The extra fleece interfacing and Dacor Bond bottom panel provide enough support for this gem to stand on its own.

After carefully cutting the pieces according to pattern directions, the first step was to lay out the design. I chose a nautical theme for Jackie, who lives by the water.

Laying out the front pieces

Once I’d sewn the pieces together, I added top stitching to accent the design.

Edge-stitching closeup

The inside pocket panel is another great feature of the Tahoe Tote. Here’s a view of the panel, with my “designer” label:

Inside pocket on lining

Here’s another view of the completed tote. And yes, I took that picture in my car, before I packed it up in a USPS Priority Mail box.

The Tahoe tote stands alone

But I didn’t stop there. I’ve also been making zippered pouches, and I thought it would be fun if Jackie had one to match her bag. (I’ll have more on those little pouches in my next post.)

My Elna 860 has an anchor as one of its embroidery designs, so I used matching thread colors and added a monogram. She loves it!





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