Diva Wallets

IMG_0242 (2)

Last spring, The Quilters Studio offered a class called “Diva Wallet.” I love small projects, so they had me at “Fabric needed: two fat quarters.” The wallet on display was made of a fish print, in bright blues and greens. When open, it had two pockets, with slots for six credit cards on one side and a small zippered compartment on the other.

During the two-hour class, we would each have time to complete a wallet. The pattern is pretty straightforward, though I had trouble keeping the pieces straight at first. All are the same width, 8 1/2,” and vary in length. Each wallet require  DecorBond interfacing, contrast thread, a zipper, and a Diva Wallet frame.

Here are the assembled pattern pieces, notions and hardware for one wallet:


My first wallet, intended for my francophile daughter Eliza, was such a success I immediately made another for her sister, Emily. A graduate of William & Mary, Emily loves toile because it reminds her of Williamsburg. Next, I made a wallet for my mom, whose favorite color is orange.

20150427_163400 (1)
Eliza’s Eiffel Tower wallet, closed
and open


Mom;s bright orange
Mom;s bright orange wallet


Emily's toile wallet
Emily’s toile wallet


More wallets followed. After all, they make perfect gifts. My niece Alyssa loves monograms. Eliza’s friend and roommate started graduate school at the University of Michigan.


Christina (Go Blue!)
Christina (Go Blue!)








I kept going. Last fall, my niece Ana asked me to make her a diaper bag, and I made her a matching wallet with the scraps. I had some coordinating Moda prints that seemed perfect for my sister Margie, which made seven.

Ana's matching set
Ana’s matching set
Ana's wallet, open
Ana’s wallet, open
Margie's lucky #7
Margie’s lucky #7



By Christmas, I’d made so many wallets as gifts that I lost count. Friends keep telling me I should sell my creations. I’ve resisted so far, because if I turned my hobby into a business, it wouldn’t be fun any more.  But maybe it’s finally to open an Etsy store?



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