Patchwork Apron



While playing around with patchwork, I envisioned an apron.  I’d been playing around with triangles, with no particular rhyme or reason. Digging around in my stash, I decided to see what I could do with triangles. After putting together several squares, I thought they’d make an interesting border for an apron.  I lined another square to use as a pocket.

Pocket Detail
Pocket detail

The apron skirt, waistband and ties came from my stash. The skirt is approximately 24″ wide by 15″ long, and the patchwork border adds about 6″.  I cut a contrasting 3″ x 24″ strip for the waistband, and 3″ x 40″ for the ties. As a feminine touch, I added some lace above the patchwork, and I used a feather stitch to accent the patchwork.

Attaching waistband and ties
Preparing waistband and ties for sewing

You’ll note that the colors and prints follow no particular order, and that doesn’t really matter at all.  The patchwork is just a cheerful and colorful accent.  I topstitched the waistband for some added detail.

Waistband Detail
Waistband topstitching

Finally, here is a close up of the dish towel loop on the left of the apron, opposite the pocket. I made it a little longer than most patterns I’ve seen, because I think it’s more useful that way.

Loop under waistband
Loop under waistband


My sister Jackie was the lucky recipient of my stash-busting little project. She loves to cook, and I know she appreciates my work. Imagine what I could do if I actually started with a pattern and a plan!


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