The Unkindest Cut




I despise cutting, just as much as I love sewing.  No hands ever held scissors or rotary cutter with less skill. That’s right–I wrote “hands,” as in both of mine. You see, although I hold my scissors with my left hand, I hold my rotary cutter with my right.  Sure, I can pin the pattern pieces on my fabric, and  I can line up the clear plastic ruler on my cutting mat. It’s  when I wield the cutting implement that something invariably goes wrong.

Like any determined (ok, stubborn) sewist, however, I choose to confront my fears head-on.  Often, I’ll cut out several projects at once, storing them in a drawer for later. This summer, I cut six different aprons, using two patterns you’ve seen here before.

I’ve sewn three so far. First, I tackled the “totally cute” apron above, with a green pocket panel and red ties and hem. Next, I made this fat quarters apron.

Purple Fat Quarters Bib Apron
Purple Fat Quarters Bib Apron

Finally, I’ve made another “totally cute” apron. I love the bold flower print on the pocket!

Bold flower apron
Bold flower apron

With several weeks left in the summer season, I’ve still got three aprons cut out and ready in my drawer.   Maybe I’ll start the red one next.

20140705_134643 (1)


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