A Little of This, A Little of That


I’ve posted this fat quarters apron and this “totally cute” apron, and have made several of each. Last Sunday, I wanted to make a holiday apron. With only four or five fat quarters and about half a yard of red-and-gold dotted cotton, my options were limited–until I combined these two patterns into one apron. Here’s how I did it.

Using Sew4home’s directions  for the apron skirt, I constructed the apron skirt using holiday-themed fat quarters.

French seaming the apron skirt
French seaming the apron skirt

As directed, I added a pocket to the skirt, using the dotted fabric for contrast.

Attaching the pocket
Attaching the pocket

Then, I added a band of the dotted fabric to the bottom, following the the Sewmuch2luv pattern.

Sewing the bottom band into a "burrito"
Sewing the bottom band into a “burrito”

I also used the red for the waistband and ties, which I adapted from the Sew4home pattern.  I cut those pieces 4 inches wide, and then attached them on either side like a traditional apron.  Turning the apron ties with a dowel, as shown in the Sewmuch2luv pattern, is a real time saver.

Using a dowel to turn the apron ties
Using a dowel to turn the apron ties

These fabrics were so colorful, I kept embellishments to a minimum. The rickrack trim from Sew4home made a nice touch, and I used red so it would blend. Green or black would have worked, too. My apron will be a hostess gift. I may have just enough fabric left for one more, I believe. Although it appears labor-intensive, this was a quick project. Frankly, it would have been even quicker if I’d serged the skirt instead of using French seams. Since I’m picky about how I finish my work, I have no regrets.

Hope this inspires you to do some quick December sewing. Happy holidays!

Holiday Apron
Holiday Apron

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