The Accidental Sewist

Maybe you’ve pricked yourself with a pin, or even caught your finger in your sewing machine.   Needles and scissors are sharp.  Sewing can be hazardous.

And yes, I would know. Several weeks ago, I wound up in the emergency room after an unfortunate incident with a rotary cutter.  Four stitches! Ouch! So my hubby ordered me this mesh glove online, and now I use it religiously (mostly  because I can’t stand the sight of blood–especially  my own).  I believe it’s intended to be used by people who cut leather and fabric for a living. Thankfully, it also works for those of us who are careless with everyday objects.  Let’s be careful out there!

Mesh glove
Mesh glove

One Comment Add yours

  1. lacartera says:

    Sorry to hear about the accidents, but the glove is pretty cool!

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