Trick or Treat, Chapter 2

Zack's Trick or Treat Bag!
Zack’s Trick or Treat Bag!

When it comes to families, we all know the more things change, the more they stay the same.  So it is with my sister Jackie’s family. Two years ago, after her daughter Samantha was born, I made trick or treat bags for Sammie and her big brother Jake.  Then last September, Zack arrived! Hooray! (Poor Sammie, stuck inbetween two stinky brothers…But I digress.)

Of course, I couldn’t leave little Zack out. Now that he’s walking, he’ll probably dress up for Halloween, even if he won’t really understand what’s going on. But how do you find a fabric you bought two years ago? Well, you don’t.  What you do is, you scour your fabric cabinet for any small remnants from the original bags, and then you get lucky finding fat quarters on sale. So I was able to whip up a third bag that’s not exactly like the other two, but close enough.

Again, I began with the applique of Zack’s name on the bag’s top panel.


Then, i finished it using the same pattern as before. It’s very cute, if I do say so myself. Sadly, my success led to a new problem–how could I send a box to these three little ruffians–er, three little angels–without including something for Jake and Sammie, too?  (Sibling rivalry rears its ugly head enough in that house already.)

Jake, Zack, and Sammie
Jake, Zack, and Sammie

Back to the fabric cabinet for me.  (While it doesn’t exactly deliver fantasies on par with The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, it never disappoints.)  On one of Jackie’s visits (and she was last here two years ago!) we found a remnant of some Patriots fleece–their daddy Dave’s favorite team, coincidentally. It was just enough to make a throw big enough for a four-year-old. I’ve never made a fleece tie blanket, but thanks to the miracle of Google, tutorials are even easier to find than than it was to make the blanket.

Jake's Patriot Blanket
Jake’s Patriot Blanket

Now it was two down, one to go. In the cabinet, I found some fabric my mom gave me last summer.  The very cute white and aqua polka dot cotton would be just perfect for a pillowcase dress.  Again, there are many tutorials out there. The one I used, from Sew Like My Mom, is specifically for a serger, which made even quicker work of a quick pattern.  Sammie’s dress was 2T, but the instructions go up to size 8.  I think it will be a little big, but that’s ok–she can wear it next spring.

Sammie's pillowcase dress
Sammie’s pillowcase dress

With all three projects done, I’ll be off to the Post Office tomorrow morning. I know the ruffians will appreciate these little gifts from their aunt, and I certainly enjoyed putting them together.

Finally, just in case you’re wondering, here is my fabric cabinet.

Aslan's not here...
Aslan’s not here…

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