The Stitch Regulator

The Stitch Regulator at work!
The Stitch Regulator at work!

Although I’ve had my Bernina 240 for years, I’d never used the stitch regulator (presser foot #9).  Did I read about it in the manual? Yes. Still, I didn’t really understand what the little thing was for.  Of course, I was judging: after all, it doesn’t  even look like a presser foot!  And yet, that’s the beauty of the stitch regulator. Because it’s not really a presser foot, it won’t squish the quilted layers together. And in back it has a little spring, which further inhibits any pressure and leaves your work intact.

This all started, of course, with an apron I made as a gift. The polka-dot canvas is a nice weight–not too stiff, so it drapes nicely.

Red, green and yellow polka-dot apron
Red, green and yellow polka-dot apron

After cutting strips for bias tape, I had some 8″ triangles left over. I thought I’d see what I could do.  They became a potholder, constructed of four triangles, with 2 layers of batting.  Then, I just quilted them freehand, following no pattern. Since the fabric had dots, I just sort of did random serpentine lines.  I used Nancy Zieman’s tutorial on quilt binding to finish the potholder. While I must admit the binding isn’t my best work, well, practice makes perfect. And always remember the three-foot rule: “If it looks good from three feet away, it’s good enough!”

Polka-dot potholder
Polka-dot potholder

I also resurrected some patchwork squares I’d tried and failed to match with another apron from last year. Thanks to the stitch regulator, that potholder is pretty cute, too!  If you look closely, you’ll see that the bias tape isn’t really made from the same fabric and the large floral print squares.  The three foot rule, uh, rules.  Really.


(P.S. If you want to see what a “real” quilter can do, check out the quilting page on Maddie Kertay’s Domestic Anarchy.  She’s a true artist!)


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