Someone’s in the Kitchen

Aprons are like hats.  One day, back in 1964, people stopped wearing them. And now–poof!–they’re back.

All spring, I’ve seen aprons everywhere.  Though I’m not exactly an expert in the kitchen (this blog post sums up my attitude), I decided to try my hand at an apron using View C of  this pattern, Butterick 4945, which I liked for two reasons: it was colorful, and it had pockets.  Everyone knows an apron needs pockets.  I knew my sister Margie, who is famous for her paellas, was sure to appreciate my effort.

Like the bags I’m so fond of creating, aprons require only a small amount of fabric; less than a yard of each for this view. The green contrast fabric is from my stash.

Placing the pockets

I made very few alterations to the pattern–mostly, these involved the finishing work, which I did on the machine.  I prefer machine work anyway, and aprons need to withstand the rigor of many washings.

Measuring and placing my pattern pieces is always more difficult than the actual sewing, at least for me.  Here, I’m finishing construction of the contrast strip along the bottom. Note that the sides of the apron body were already hemmed before I attached the strip, according to the pattern directions.

Constructing the contrast strip

Finally, here’s Margie in her L.A. kitchen, wearing her new apron.  Doesn’t she look great? Bring on the paella!


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