Alterations: Update on the green dress!

In spite of my challenges with the green dress, Emily looks beautiful in it.  Yes, today is her friend Jackie’s wedding, and they’re off to do pictures beforehand (a wise idea, in my opinion).  Note the back view, and I think the nude open-toed pumps are a good choice.  The pearls are heirlooms, handed down from my mom, to me, and now to Emily.

Here's Emily, in the green bridesmaid dress

While I still wouldn’t say I enjoy alterations, I’m satisfied with my work, which included taking in the bodice and raising the hemline so that it’s above the knee.  As always, I did all the work by machine, using the blind hem on my Elna 7000 (my Bernina 240 was otherwise engaged, quilting my laptop case).

Here in the DC metro area, we await the arrival of Hurricane Irene–just 4 days after we had our first earthquake in 100 years.   We’ve had an interesting week, to say the least.  Tonight, in New Hampshire, as Jackie and Jim promise to love each other for the rest of their lives, I know Emily will be surrounded by joy–and lots of hurricane jokes!


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