Alterations, Chapter 2: The @*&#! Green Dress

Did I mention I hate doing alterations?   You try on the garment to be altered, you mark and measure it carefully, and… doesn’t fit!   Here’s what happened with that wretched green dress: the waist is perfect, and the bust is perfect, especially along that troublesome seam at the top.  (See my June 22 post)

new hem, using monofilament (clear) thread and blind hem stitch on serged edge

And, if I do say so myself, the hem looks terrific.



Unfortunately, there was some unsightly wrinkling at the waist panel, which is supposed to be fitted.  Emily wasn’t pleased, and I KNOW I can do better.  So, I ripped out not just the side waist panel seam, but also the seam attaching the bodice top to the panel.  My seam ripper has never worked so hard.  (Who am I kidding? Of course it has!)

inside view: panel-bodice seam open

Undeterred, if a little frustrated, I made a minor adjustment (about 1/4″) to the bodice waist panel on both sides.

almost finished....again!

Maybe this time, I’ll get it right.  Of course,  since my “client” is 2 1/2 hours away, and the wedding is in five weeks, the situation is more than a little annoying.   On the other hand, I’ll have enough time to fix the damn dress yet again, although I’m heartily sick of looking at it.   Good thing I have naturally low blood pressure, or I just might have combusted spontaneously at the latest fitting!

Still, as frustrating as this project has been, I know I’ll be happy when Emily comes back to get the dress–and it’s finally just right.  My stitching life is no different than my “real” life.  Success in alterations begins with two words: Just breathe.


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